6th Birthday Bash

Yellow Dog’s 6th Birthday Bash!

What can we say? It was a blast! We ate snacks, sold books, talked with friends, listened to music, painted faces, and blind dated some books. This photo gallery isn’t touched up and perfectly cropped… it’s straight up how things looked during the morning. It’s so fun looking through the photos from year to year and see how our youngest booksellers have grown.

We’re already dreaming up window ideas for our NEXT birthday!

Yellow Dog Windows (part 1)

I love our bookshop window - it’s big and bright and always seems to grab the attention of people walking by. It was always my intention for our windows to be eye catching, but I never thought I would be so lucky to collaborate with so many amazing people. Erin Potter, Cristy Lillig, Mac McDermott, Mary Margaret Sandbothe & Courtney Swisher are the people I’ve worked with the most… they are all artists in their own right and tend not to say no when I come up with an out there idea. I’m so grateful especially to Aron Fischer, who was involved with our window installations at the very beginning when we first opened (and before I was recording all of the window installations faithfully).

I truly think of our window as a collaborative space where we can make a visual impact on passersby.

Here are a few of our window installations that left a huge impression during our first couple of years!

Left to right top row:

Resistance is Love in Action by Mary Margaret Sandbothe & Courtney Swisher | Fall by Mary & Courtney | Summer Blooms by Kelsey Hammond (with help from Locust St. Elementary School) | Man Who Fell From the Sky by Erin Potter

Left to right bottom row:

Secret of the Old Clock by Cristy Lillig | Off the Trail by Erin Potter | Flower Power by Erin Potter (with help from Locust St. Elementary School) | Myrmidon by Mac McDermott

We’ll be posting more of our favorite windows soon!

-Kelsey, co-owner

Are you an artist who would like to collaborate or install a window at Yellow Dog? Pitch us an idea!